Catch All Email (Default Email)

We need a catch-all mailbox that supports IMAP access. In our example, we are using the cPanel, cPanel is one of the most popular control panels among web developers and hosting companies.

Unfortunately, not all hosting come with cPanel allow the use of catch-all email. Some hosting providers disable this feature for spam prevention purposes. If your hosting provider does not support this feature. You can check out Namecheap’s Shared Hosting here, the stellar plan start at just $1.88/month and fully met our needs.

Okay, let’s start.

1. Open Email Accounts

2. Create a new email (ex: [email protected])

3. Redirect all emails to this email (catch-all Email )

4. Choose the domain you want to add on the site And Put last Email you created

If you want to add more than one domain on your site, you need to repeat the previous step (4) , and choose the new domain and forward to same email you created in step (2)

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